Handmade semi precious stone inlay bangle. Expertly cut and polished rectangular stone pieces put together to provide a smooth and glowing surface to this...

Philocaly Cuff

Orah’s semi-precious Inlay Cuff for men, consists of Lapis Lazuli sourced directly from Afghanistan, expertly cut, engraved, polished and designed by local artisans at...

Philocaly Stainless steel

Made from high quality stainless steel , these sleek bangles are a must have for the trendy and fashion conscious individuals. Featuring Lapis Lazuli,...

Pakistani Skyline Copper

This beautiful, handmade copper bangle depicts the well known architectural treasures of Pakistan. From Badshahi mosque to Quaid-i-Azams Mazar to the Khyber pass and...

Philocaly Copper

For the free spirited, this timeless half cuff inlay piece comes with your favorite gemstones. Expertly cut and polished pieces of semi precious stones...

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