Nephthys Natural Swat Emerald Necklace| Silver Necklace| Handmade Necklace Quick View


Enclose your wrists with entrancing green emerald bracelet from Swat Valley. A mark of royalty for over thousands of years emerald and used to invoke...
Rs.16,000.00 Rs.12,000.00
Tanit Tanit Quick View


A scintillating pair of earrings intricately embellished with Emerald crystals. The distinctive green gemstone draws in bliss and mental peace for the one who...
Rs.15,000.00 Rs.11,250.00
Silver Cufflinks| Emerald Cufflinks Quick View


Refined and sophisticated, our handmade Natural Emerald Cufflinks are made with 925 silver.  This unique piece will be perfect for our male clients to...
Akhdar Akhdar Quick View


A graceful handmade Silver necklace, delicately carved and  suffused  with natural Emerald particles. Mined from the fertile and fruitful land, Swat, is also known...
Rs.10,000.00 Rs.7,500.00
Muqarna Muqarna Quick View


An elegant handmade Silver necklace, featuring natural Swat Emerald. Inspired from the traditional Islamic Mughal Buildings and crafts this unique design ,with enclosed Emerald...
Rs.25,000.00 Rs.18,750.00
Make a Wish Make a Wish Quick View

Make a Wish

A Silver ,handmade Pendent ,with a gorgeous Dandelion inspired design and Natural Swat Emerald Stone particles. Many people believe that Dandelions can grant wishes...
Rs.25,000.00 Rs.18,750.00
Shah Rukn Alam Shah Rukn Alam Quick View

Shah Rukn Alam

An elegant handmade Silver necklace, featuring natural Emerald, Inspired from the shrine of Shah Rukn Alam. This is a unique design with enclosed Emerald...
Rs.25,000.00 Rs.18,750.00

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