Beautiful variety of Huroof Bracelets made with perfectly rounded and polished Idocrase gemstones. It is an exquisite form of natural gemstones, discovered in...
Shungite bracelet Quick View

Shungite bracelet

Shungite is associated with a lot of mysteries and folklore. It is available in a matte ebony black finish and exudes the most enriched...
Luscious Tiger Iron Beads Quick View

Luscious Tiger Iron Beads

Orah’s trendy bead bracelets for men, made of luscious Tiger Iron, sourced from Australia. A simple yet stylish addition for our male customers can...


Handmade semi precious stone inlay bangle. Expertly cut and polished rectangular stone pieces put together to provide a smooth and glowing surface to this...

Harf Earrings

Here is a beautiful addition to our Harf collection. Harf earrings, intricately designed to perfection. Accentuated with Mother of Pearl, sourced by Orah Jewels...
Hestia Hestia Quick View


Introducing Orah’s Rukn Collection, inspired by the artistic era of saints. This gorgeous necklace is intricately handcrafted by local artisans at Orah Jewels. It...
Adjustable pakistan flag ring with aventurine and marble inlay-Pietra dura Quick View

Crescent Ring

Orah’s Crescent ring is the perfect depiction to express the love that you have for Pakistan! Entirely handcrafted and polished by local artisans.A perfect...
Crisp Core Crisp Core Quick View

Crisp Core

A gorgeous, lustrous necklace with a beautifully cut and finished semiprecious gemstone! Handcrafted entirely by local artisans at Orah's facility. Each and every detail...
Quiet Devotion Quiet Devotion Quick View

Quiet Devotion

An alluringly gorgeous and simple pendant created by Orah Jewels with a dynamic finishing and splendid cut. The gemstone dangles gracefully from a delicate...
Gifted Whisper Gifted Whisper Quick View

Gifted Whisper

A breathtaking pendant from Orah's Amber Collection. A one of a kind collection, which is exclusive with a gorgeous semi-precious Amber and splendidly crafted...
Charm Tender Charm Tender Quick View

Charm Tender

A beautifully designed pendant by Orah for Amber Collection. An exclusive design, a one of a kind piece with a brilliantly cut Amber gemstone...
Baltic amber pendant back hook of baltic amber pendant Quick View

Austere Beauty

Beautifully crafted pendant, tiny and simple yet a gorgeous piece of art. A modern and dynamic acessory with a reasonable cost. Perfect to make...
Elegant Moon Elegant Moon Quick View

Elegant Moon

An exquisite pendant from Orah's Amber collection, handcrafted to perfection with a lustrous beautiful Amber gemstone and a spectacular silver chain. All designed by...
Divine Charm Divine Charm Quick View

Divine Charm

A radiant pendant with a gorgeous, perfect shaped and cut Amber and a perfect silver chain. Exclusively designed with perfect details by Orah Jewels....
Royal Divine Royal Divine Quick View

Royal Divine

A splendid Orah Jewel's pendant from the exclusive Amber Collection, crafted with a richly hued and beautiful Amber semi-precious gemstone, wrapped with a silver...
Lavish Globe Lavish Globe Quick View

Lavish Globe

A regal pendant with dazzling Amber, enabling a distinctive elegant look with authentic sophistication and class. Handcrafted to perfection by local artisans at Orah's...
Exotic Twirl Exotic Twirl Quick View

Exotic Twirl

A delicate and intricate pendant with a sculptural twist and precised finishing. Perfect and simply crafted to add a little something special to your...
Lustrous Mark Lustrous Mark Quick View

Lustrous Mark

A splendid pendant with a lustrous Amber, richly hued and handcrafted by local artisans. A delightful piece of jewellery, with a gorgeous gemstone, will...

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