Sindh, the land of the Sufis, is home to the historical monuments of Makli, Thatta. Thatta was ruled by the Mughals but was also the capital of three powerful dynasties and a well-known center of Islamic civilization. Some historians are of the opinion that Thatta is the fabled port of Patala, the main Port on Indus during the times of Alexander the Great. It is also believed by historians that Thatta is the ancient sea port of Debal mentioned by the Arab Historians. The Umayyads controlled the region surrounding Thatta from 711 CE till 1026 CE when it was conquered by Mahmud Ghaznavi. In 1351, The Samma Dynasty seized the city and ruled the city for 200 years.

The Samma dynasty was a golden period for the area and the world renowned Makli Necropolis rose to prominence during this time. It covers an area of 10 square kilometers and houses around 500,000 tombs. The architecture is a mix of Muslim, Hindu, Mughal and Gujrati influences. The material used is brick, sandstone and wood. The buildings are adorned with floral motifs, decorated rosettes, circular patterns and Islamic calligraphy.

Our jewelry collection is inspired by the beautiful architectural styles seen at Makli. We have used different metal and gemstones combined with floral patterns of Makli to make some unique pieces of jewelry. Orah Jewels has always strived to make sure that our jewelry collection has local aesthetics. We want our jewelry pieces to signify Pakistani heritage and workmanship. Pakistan is home to many ancient civilizations and its up to us to tell their stories to the world. Pakistan is home to many varieties of gemstones and its up to us to use it for the benefit of the country.

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