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Pakistan is blessed with natural resources. An oft repeated sentence for the last many years. Pakistan exports all its rough gemstones and minerals to other countries. The “other countries” cut these gemstones and sell them at 10 times the value, another oft repeated sentence for the last many years. So, the question arises, why don’t any Pakistan based entrepreneur or business, use these natural resources, and setup gemstone cutting facility in the country.

Ottoman jewelry, Indian style jewelry, Nepali jewelry and jewelry from China and Thailand are available all over the country. Indian style jewelry and Mughal style jewelry is synonymous with each other and Pakistan has lost a major marketing rights battle. The world is not aware of any Pakistani style jewelry even in our own country we are proudly selling foreign branded jewelry and have ceded all the retail space to the foreign brands. Our local jewelers are selling jewelry sets made from Zambian emeralds, African rubies and Brazilian stones. No one asks why not Pakistani emeralds or rubies or topaz? The answer to the above question is that these sets are imported since no one has the capacity to manufacture top quality jewelry products in the country hence no one uses local stones.

Orah Jewels is an idea which was conceived 15 years ago. We want to use locally source gem material and create a local product which can be branded as a distinct Pakistani jewelry product. We want to lay claim to the Mughal style jewelry name and introduce our version to the world. Pietra Dura or parchin kari technique used by Mughals in Badshahi mosque, naqashi art used in Wazir Khan mosque are some of the techniques Orah Jewels is using to manufacture jewelry. Islamic geometric patterns seen on almost all Islamic architecture is an inspiration for our jewelry designs.

Orah Jewels and Crafts, based in Lahore, comprises of a team of 50 dedicated individuals. We have our inhouse gemstone cutting and jewelry making facility. We procure our stones from Gilgit Baltistan, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our goal is to create a national jewelry brand, a brand which is distinctively Pakistani and can be marketed the world over.

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