Naqashi, is a form of painting of nature, on walls and buildings. This art has been practiced in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Central Asia for 100s of years. Wazir Khan mosque in Lahore is a prime example of this art. Floral patterns can be seen on the walls of the mosque and have withstood the ravages of time. Regretfully, naqashi is losing its significance in Pakistan and there are not that many practitioners left of this art form.

At Orah Jewels and Crafts, our primary focus, is to create products which represent Pakistan. We want to create a distinctive product which can stand apart from other products in the market, a product which can represent our heritage. Natural gemstones, wood, metal calligraphy and naqashi painting is used to create an extraordinarily beautiful product. We hope our customers share our enthusiasm about the new product line. Hang it in your homes or gift it to a loved ones, we are sure this product will be a great addition to your homes and a perfect gift item.

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  • | Dr Fyza

    Absolutely amazing collection!

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